Caracal F rusting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Armando1228, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Armando1228

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    I've had my F model since January very little use and it is rusting on the rear serrations on both sides. One I figure out how to submit pics I'll do so. One dissapointed that it's happening and number 2 my serial number is on the recall list. Keep u posted.
  2. NevadaBob

    NevadaBob New Member

    That's good that it's going back and you can start fresh with a new gun. Check out Frog Lube (some spellings: froglube) Check out the Youtube videos on this product. With an initial coating this may prevent future rusting.

  3. okie67

    okie67 Member

    I use Ballistol its probably just as good or better than anything on the market to protect against rust.Been using this stuff for years on my firearms that I store out in my garage gun safe.
    It works!
  4. hardluk1

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    New to firearms!! Even stainless steel will rust. Pick a synthetic lube , I use breakfree clp and pro-shot 1 step, then use it and put a coat on your caracal. AND every caracal made is on a recall list.
  5. jhb

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    I like corrosion x for rust prevention. In my own personal experiments it beat remoil, weapons shield, break free clp, and a couple of other lesser knowns.

    The corrosion x stinks to high heaven though, but it works on rust prevention down here in the wet swamp weather. I

    The frog it a try.....lots of crazy marketing....invented by a seal, found in a civil war cannon, improved roller coaster to eat by the spoonful talk by a sales man on calguns forum.....who also said forget science it just works when questioned about science to back outlandish claims......and more over the top crazy talk then I've ever seen in the on going and never ending lube wars.

    I have to see for myself, so I got some coming in to see how it handles this jungle environment I live in. Can't wait to see if it works as well as claimed.
  6. accgds

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    I would have to recommend the frog lube. It not only protects-it really smooths out rough running guns(which does not apply to any Caracal) and my wife doesn't complain when I am using it. I would be curious to see how it works in the Florida environment, but it works great in ky.