Caracal F meets HK P30L

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    So I took my Caracal F and HK P30L to the range today. Both are 9mm. Unfortunately my batteries in my camera died at the range so I don't have any target pics. But I wanted to relay my experiences with both and how I compare them. First off these are obviously 2 totally different triggers systems, one striker and one hammer fired. But what the hell I'll compare them anyway! :)
    I really really like the Caracal. I constantly tell folks this is the best pistol on the market for the money. The Caracal is kind of the new kid on the block and is drastically less money than the HK P30L (Caracal $425 & HKP30L $1,010) So can a pistol that costs literally less than half than the other really compete. The answer is YES! I say that yes as resoundingly as I do due to the Caracal's reliability. I would take my Caracal up against anything out there right now reliability wise. I have 2300 rds thru it without a cleaning. Now I am not saying that this gun is more reliable than the HK at all. Its just that for the price point its living up to HK standards so far. Now looks wise I think the HK wins hands down. It also has a grip which I have yet to see matched by any other manufacturer. Throw in a ambi slide release and a light years better rail and you account for some of the price difference. Is it a nearly $600 difference? That's all relative to what a buyer wants. German engineering is always pricey.
    I put 200 rds thru both of these pistols today. I shot from 7, 15, and 20 yards. The biggest difference I noticed is target aquisition speed. Caracal wins. God this thing is great at that. The staight 8 sights are really good for me especially at the 7 yard mark. When it came to slower fire and longer distances I noticed the HK pulling away considerably. Of course that could be attributed to my extensive trigger time behind HK's of all types. Double taps and 3-4 shot groups were a little easier for me with the Caracal. Both of these pistols ran flawlessly. I now have 4600 rds thru the HK with no issues. I would love to see this Caracal run against my P7M8 at the 7 yard mark cuz that thing is sick from that distance.
    Granted this was a quick review and both pistols could use more time next to each other. But I gotta say the Caracal ceases to impress me. I love its simplicity, sights, and mag capacity.(18 vs 15) The price point is phenomenal and mags were $20 a piece as opposed to $45 for the HK. Were it loses to the HK the most is the grip and finish. The finish on the Caracal scratches easier than any other pistol I've ever owned, HK's HE finish is the most rugged I have ever seen. If you haven't handled a P30 go do it, Its a religious experience. I also prefer the HK SA/DA hammer fired system to the striker of the Caracal. I also really like being able to carry locked and cocked which the HK enables me to do. But after all is said and done which is the best choice for the average consumer. I would say the Caracal for sure. HK's are kind of a beast all their own. Due to the different mag release and price point you really have to train extensively with HK's. And in my case its pretty much all I buy and use. But the Caracal has found a way into my favorite pistol rotation. It is way better than a Glock IMHO and I am definitely buying a Caracal C in the next few weeks. And I am praying that they make a .45 auto Caracal some day. Just thought I'd share some of my thoughts. It was either that or go talk with the In-laws :twisted:
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    nice report! :D

    wait until you fire the Caracal C as many who own both say the C has a better & different feel than the F.

    I don't have the F so I can't comment on this.

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    Thanks for the review. Great thoughts.