Caracal C Review & G19 Comparison

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    I've often posted here with high praise for the Caracal pistols so I figured I'd knock out a review of the guns with the Caracal C going first. The C model seems to be the one people ask about the most and frequently the question is, "Is it better than a Glock 19?" We'll get to that a little later but first I'll lay out some of the pros and cons of the gun.

    -Reliable. The gun has well over 1,000 rounds (not sure on the exact count, I've let many people borrow the pistol to try out) with only 1 malfunction which was a bad primer with Brown Bear ammo. I put the same round in my G17 and it didn't fire with that gun either so I'm putting the blame solely on the ammo
    -Price. This gun is available online for $399 shipped with box and two mags. In my opinion it's the best handgun deal on the market today (CZ 82 second).
    -Accurate. This gun is like a 1911 in that it tends to make average shooters shoot like good shooters
    -Very low bore axis (see comparison pictures with my P229 below) resulting in the softest shooting 9mm (along with the F model) I've ever shot
    -Excellent trigger. It's smooth with no stacking. It breaks extremely cleanly and has a positive reset
    -Great finish. The Plasox (with nitriding) finish is holding up very well thus far
    -It has a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide allowing the user to check that it is loaded without having to conduct a press check
    -Very good ergonomics. Everyone that has shot the gun seems to comment on how good it feels in their hands
    -15+1 capacity while only weighing 25oz
    -Passed the WTD 91 (German armed forces) testing in 2006
    -Has been adopted by several nations' standard military sidearm; many police agencies in Italy and Germany have adopted it as well
    -It's classified as an IDPA production gun
    -Easy to clean and maintain. Requires very little lubrication as well
    -Interior parts are coated with the Plasox finish as well
    -Ambi controls (except for the slide lock)
    -Spare parts including springs are available from Caracal-USA now (this is relatively new)
    -The Caracal C can use F 18 round magazines

    -Little aftermarket support
    -Night sights are not available in the US currently. I spoke with Caracal USA last week and they said they are working with several manufacturers currently but they don't have a date yet as to when they'll be released
    -The rear sight is part of the firing pin assembly. This will either make aftermarket sights more expensive or limit some to front sight only
    -The guns are made in the UAE and Germany. The UAE made guns are the only ones available in the US currently. (I don't care about this but it's a common point brought up so I'm including it so people don't say "you didn't mention where it was made....")
    -In order to detail strip the gun you have to deal with roll pins. Not a big deal but I'd prefer not to if I didn't have to
    -The slide lock protrudes to far. I hit it with my thumb about 50% of the time if I'm not conscious of it and many people I've let shoot it have the exact same issue

    Now, back to the original question---is it better than the G19? In terms of familiarity, factory customer service support, sight availability, and aftermarket support---no, it's not. In terms of factory trigger, cost (non-blue label program), and perceived recoil---yes it is. I'll give them a tie for reliability, simplicity, and accuracy.

    The best way I can answer the question is to say if I never fired a handgun and was given a Caracal C and a G19 to shoot for a day and asked to pick only 1 which would I pick? I think I'd pick the Caracal C. That said, I've been shooting Glocks for years and am very comfortable and relatively proficient with them so now I slightly prefer Glocks but I wouldn't have any reservations about trusting my life to a Caracal.

    Here's a video of me shooting the gun, a tabletop review with some comparisons to other 15 round 9mm guns (G19 and SIG P229R), and a chronograph test with some popular defensive loads:

    Chrono numbers:
    Speer 124gr Gold Dot JHPs: 1127fps, 350 ft/lbs energy
    Federal 124gr HST JHPs: 1092fps, 328 ft/lbs energy
    Winchester 115gr Ranger JHPs: 1095fps, 306 ft/lbs energy

    Caracal bore axis:

    SIG P229R bore axis:
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    Nice review !
    I havent had the thumb issue yet , yes it does seem like the 1911 when shooting "great comment" ! the biggest let down for me so far is the guide rod , that cheap plastic guiderod , mine broke after 700 rounds , its still functional the way it is , the rod iteslf didnt break but the tip did so shooting it is careful and I dont want to mess with it , the SS is the way to go , but finding them is hard right now!

    I put mine through a stress test with 15 different kinds of Hollow Points ranging from 115 grn to 147gn , and the Remington 124 gr Golden Saber +p came out on top , the 125gn Hornady steel match came in second , the 115 grn critical defense was the only low grn that perfomed well , I will say this all of the rounds I used would be worthy of depending your life on it! Im not a defense minded shooter , so ball ammo gets the recognition as HP ,

    Overall I think the price point alone is what will deter alot of people from the Glocks , however I own a G22 and I can say without a doubt I trust my life to it!

    One thing about the C and the 19 is they arent exactly (even close as matches) there specs are all different and the C feels better in the hand for compact gun ,I think its alot more concealable than the Glock too! But like the Steyr ,there will be fans who wont ever change no matter what! Thats Ok , I will be getting the F and hopefully in the futre a .45 will be made!

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