C-QS w/ Crimson Trace CMR-201

Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by ormati, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. ormati

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    Priced lasers between $80-$150. Found the Crimson Trace CMR-201 for $90 total on eBay, near-new condition. Haven't tried it yet but I think it looks much better than the others I saw, fits my Remora holster, and the on/off mechanism is right where you want it. Some other laser options looked like they had sharp corners that might snag.

    The CT is activated by the extended trigger finger falling naturally on those wings that sweep back over the trigger guard on both sides (ambi). Press on, press off. I wear the Remora at appendix and 3:30-4:00, and wedged between driver's seat and center console. I was concerned that in a soft holster the CT could be accidentally activated and have dead batts when needed, but it has a five minute auto-off so no problem expected.

    I use the Remora 10SS holster. When I wear on bare skin there's some abrasion so I might get the full shield version too. Love it. Bought a Remora for wife's Nano.

    I put Tractiongrips on the C and they're great, though I might have gone with Galloway since they're 10 minutes away from me.

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    nice, let us know how the laser holds it's zero after throwing a few rounds downrange!

  3. ace

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    Please, yes. This seems to be maybe the best option for me of price / size / etc. Let us know!