Best Gun For Beginners & Pros Alike:G19 Review With Video

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    Being someone who teaches groups of new shooters from all different backgrounds frequently, I often get the question, "Which gun should I get?" My answer about 80% of the time is the Glock 19. There's a reason it's the most popular handgun in America––-it's a great gun that can fill just about any role.

    -Reliable (I address the recent issues in the video below)
    -Accurate (more accurate than 99% of the shooters that own one)
    -Durable (many reports of these guns going over 100,000 rounds with only a spring change)
    -Easy to maintain
    -TONS of aftermarket support
    -Accepts 15, 17, and 33 round factory magazines
    -Small enough to carry, but with a 15 round magazine
    -Glock's customer service is second to none
    -Durable finish
    -Cheap replacement parts, should you ever need them
    -Low Bore Axis resulting in a relatively soft shooting gun
    -Easily modified to fit the shooters' preferences
    -Requires very little cleaning/lubrication to run reliably (that said, clean your guns!)

    -Recent erratic ejection issues (I had one of these guns but Glock replaced it free of charge)
    -9mm Glocks are susceptible to 'limp wristing' (most semi-auto 9mm guns are however)
    -Comes with a serrated trigger (I'm not a fan)

    Here's a brief review video with some shooting at SD distances (12m), longer range shooting (40m), table top with disassembly and size comparison with all the 9mm Glocks/Caracal C/M&P9 Pro, and some chronographing with popular carry/defensive loads:

    Gen3 FDE Glock 19 Review

    Chronograph Results:

    Hornady 147gr TAP: 966 fps, 305 ft/lbs energy
    Federal 124gr HST JHPs: 1113 fps, 341 ft/lbs energy
    Federal 124gr +p JHPs: 1164 fps, 373 ft/lbs energy
    Winchester 115gr Ranger JHPs: 1097 fps, 307 ft/lbs energy
    Remington 115gr UMC JHPs: 1142 fps, 333 ft/lbs energy
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    Re: Best Gun For Beginners & Pros Alike:G19 Review With Vide

    Nice video, and I tend to agree with you. When people ask me 'what gun should I get' and I tell them get a glock or an m&p they often turn their noses up as they were just looking for confirmation that they should get what they already had their eye on, lol.

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    Re: Best Gun For Beginners & Pros Alike:G19 Review With Vide

    G19 one of the best 9mm you can get,I have had several and they were all flawless.
    Great video and review as always! My local store still has a few FDE models left,they are so temping everytime I go in there. :lol:
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    Re: Best Gun For Beginners & Pros Alike:G19 Review With Vide

    Spot on there. People always say something about them being unsafe or undetectable in an airport or something crazy like that but there's a reason they're still atop the market--they're good guns. But, the old Caracal is creeping up on my list. A little longevity and aftermarket support and it'll keep moving up.