Beretta 90-Two Review

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    The Beretta 90-Two (usually called the "dash-2" for short) was an attempt to improve upon some of the complaints about the original M9/92FS series firearms. It added a standard picatinny rail, internal buffer for increased recoil absorption, dovetailed front sight, captured guide rod, and new/updated safety switch/mag release/trigger bar/hammer/slide/frame to change the overall look of the gun. The biggest change of all however was the grip. The 90-two has a polymer grip sleeve offered in two sizes: standard and slim. The grip is probably the most controversial aspect of this pistol; some like it and others (myself included) don't particularly care for it. The best way to describe it is "slippery." Stippling and adding some grip tape help but it still can leave you searching for more.


    100% reliable so far (about 700 rounds)
    Good sight picture
    Balances well in the hand
    With the D spring, DA pull is very good (smooth, not too heavy/light)
    Accepts standard lights/accessories
    Finish is beautiful, it's a very good looking gun in my opinion
    Accurate firearm (the group I shot was evidence of this, although I probably couldn't do it again if I tried!)
    Comes with 3 17 round, well made magazines
    Price--I paid $499 for mine with night sights and also recieved a $50 mail in rebate
    Very well built firearm
    Low percieved recoil


    SA trigger could be more crisp
    Very little aftermarket support
    Grip is slippery
    Made in Italy only
    May be discontinued in the future

    Overall, it's a very good gun with one flaw (grip) but that wouldn't keep me from recommending it. To me, any gun that is very reliable and accurate will always be a good gun in my book. That said, if money isn't part of the equation, I'd proably opt for the 92A1 which incorporates many of the same features but keeps the standard 92 series grips.

    Here's a video demonstrating some shooting, an 'accuracy test' (again, the gun is undoubtedly more accurate than the shooter in this case), assembly/dissasembly, table top review, and some chronograph testing. Data:

    Winchester Ranger 115gr JHP: 1183fps, 357ft/lbs of energy

    Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP: 1239fps, 422ft/lbs of energy

    Federal HST 124gr JHP: 1134fps, 354ft/lbs of energy

    Federal HST +p 124gr JHP: 1188fps, 389ft/lbs of energy

    Remington UMJ 115gr JHP: 1235fps, 389ft/lbs of energy
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    Thats a good looking gun,I about bought one several months back but didnt follow through.Always wondered how they shoot.Good review as well!
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    This is an excellent weapon on earth,
    shot almost 2000 rounds no FTF or FTE
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    I have a Dash with the smaller (width) grip which makes a big difference for those of us with smallerish hands. I enjoy the pistol very much but have had a hard time finding the type of aftermarket sights that I prefer on this baby. Other than that, no real complains. Beretta did discontinue the pistol primarily because sales were sluggish (little marketing and a $700+ price tag at the time). Perhaps the main reason is that Beretta collectors in general like to customize their pistols with the grip option they like best, and you couldn't do that with the 90-Two. Hence, the birth of the 92-A1...
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    I agree with everything you just said but I still don't understand why no one ever made aftermarket grips for this gun---I really think it would have saved it.
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    I've never been lucky enough to shoot a beretta but that is one fine looking pistol.