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    I shoot with member "" on a regular basis.

    Aftermath Book Club hybridized from reading apocalyptic books to shooting out in the desert. The website is currently offline but there isn't any news coming up to speak of right now anyhow.

    My interest is primarily on CQC rifles and sub-carbines. My shooting rarely engages targets beyond 100 meters.

    My "kit" is as follows: H&K HK91, Colt AR-15 A3, FN Police Shotgun, Steyr M9A1, Steyr S9A1

    *kit = long range rifle, close range rifle, shotgun, pistol, compact pistol.
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    Welcome to the forum Aftermath! I like the idea of "The Kit" - we'll have to start another thread on the topic - also, looking forward to hearing more about some of your favorite apocalyptic books.

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    Actually Ethan/ is the one to talk to. He has his kit concept pretty well thought out and adaptable to different people's interests or preferences. For example, a friend of mine got some advice from him and wound up going this route:

    Carry Pistol: S&W M&P-9C
    Full size Pistol: S&W M&P-9 V-TAC
    Training Pistol: S&W M&P-22

    Practical Rifle: S&W M&P-15
    Long Range Rifle: DPMS LR308 SASS
    Training Rifle: S&W M&P-15/22

    Shotgun: FN TPS Shotgun (out of production)

    .22lr, 9mm, 5.56mm, .308, .12ga

    The idea here is that the pistols all operate the same and have a similar feel. the muscle memory from the .22 pistol is the same as with the 9mm (minus take-down). The same is true for the rifles, from ,22lr, to 5.56mm, to .308 the muscle memory is all the same. They all have the same furniture and iron sights. The shotgun is dressed with an AR15 grip, AR15 stock, and AR-15 type sights. The "feel" of the shotgun and the sights are the same as the AR type rifles. My friend isn't a hardcore gun guy and I doubt he will buy another gun. He just wanted a versatile setup for the types of shooting environments he would anticipate being in. The selections being adapted to him. The brand selection wasn't really Ethan's decision (I don't think he even owns a S&W brand anything) but he did narrow the selection down and explained primary roles.

    Ethan is very into CQB and promotes the use of SBR rifles for multiple roles and is a big fan of silencers but doesn't suggest them to everyone.

    How about it Ethan, want to get into it?