$13 wally-world holster.

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    I stopped to buy some bullets at wal-mart and, while I'm saving for a kydex holster, I figured I would buy a cheap one just to get by.

    Looking at the very small assortment I read on the "BLACKHAWK! SPORTSTER" Hip Holster it said that a size 07 would fit '3.5" to 4.5" barrel large autos, open end -- Glock 17/22, Smith M&P, Ruger SR9' and that seemed to be about right.
    But they didn't have that size. Seems they had every size BUT that size.

    So I ended up with size 08 which says for '3.25" to 3.75" barrel medium & large autos -- Sig 229, Springfield XD, Glock 19/23"

    It actually fits quite well and is not that bad for $12.97 + sales tax.
    I have a normal caracal F and it fits well but is a little snug, if you have a C it would probably be just the ticket if you want a very cheap hip holster.