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    Hello all! Have had my F for about 6 weeks. About 500 rnds dwn range. Happy with my purchase so far. Fair price. Quality weapn. Tight. Smooth trigger. No failures to feed or fire. Minimal recoil. Well balanced. Not sure about the guide rod longevity. Time will tell. About equal quantities of WWB/UMC/S&B/PMC practice fmj, with 20/box each of +p PDX-1, Corbon DPX, and Speer Gold Dot. The gun is more accurate than I am allowing it to be. Been in too much of a hurry for a new gun. If I shoot it first my groupings are more representative of what it can do. But, usually I make the mistake of shooting the PPQ first and this tends to widen my groupings with the F. It will get better. I stumbled across The Forum and am glad I did. I would not have known about the recall. Caracal offered refund or wait until parts came in (about 8 weeks). It seems that the supply of nonaffected serial #'s have dried up. So, it makes sense to wait and have trigger-mechanism replaced. They were not sure if repairs can be made state side or will need to be shipped out of the country. Hence, they can not address turn-around time. At any rate, glad I found the forum and it is a priviledge to be here!
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    Welcome to the forum! Good choice in buying a Caracal, many of us here have put several thousand rounds down range without any major issues.As for the recall I'm just going to wait for the parts to come and get it repaired.I have no plans of getting rid of mine either.

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    Welcome to the forum.
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