Caracal F - C comparison

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    I just recieved a compact with the quick sights and already had a full size with the standard (straight 8) sights. One of the biggest difference is the fact that the trigger guard on the C is about 7/16" shorter than on the F model. (I'd not seen this mentioned before when comparing the two) This difference makes the compact model bottom out on the front of the grip underneath the trigger guard whereas the full size bottoms out on the front of the trigger guard.
    I have not shot either gun but I was amazed at how well the compact with the quick sights comes up right on target for me. I couldn't believe it at first but I kept alternately picking up the full size w/std sights and then the compact with the quick sights and I found myself searching for the front dot with the full size and would have to move the muzzle around to get it. Then I pull up the compact and the front dot was just there, for the most part perfectly centered and maybe just a hair high in elevation. Even though the full size "feels more confortable in my hand because of the longer grip, It just does not point as well for me.
    I of course will have to shoot them before I find out if all of this translates into more accurate/faster shooting on target but I'll be very surprised if it doesn't.
    It makes me want to get a full size with the quick sights to see if it may just be the difference between the sight radii because the F model w/std sight's is aout 2 1/2 times that of the compact.
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    Interesting observations. I have not shot a "C" but I have shot other guns with (Heinie type) straight 8 sights. I have had differing instructions on what propper sight picture should be. In practice it has not been intuitive for me and I am always slower using them and never as accurate. I know there are those who love them and are good with them. I too was amazed at how quickly I can get on target with the quick sights. This is true both with initial shot as well as follow-up shots. I have not seen any specs comparing sight radii between F and C. Just my 2 cents.

    Interesting view on quick sight usage:

    Other interesting tid bits on quick sights:

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